产品性能参数 细节图
所属类别: 中型车系列
编 号: BFC6120
名 称: BFC6120 luxury seat bus
BFC6120-2DX/2DX1 Configuration Table >> BFC6120-2DBD Configuration Table>> BFC6120B / BFC6120B-1 Configuration Table>> BFC6120B2 Configuration Table(EURO Ⅳ Emission Standard)>>
BFC6120A2/ BFC6120A2-2 Configuration Table(EURO Ⅳ Emission Standard)>> BFC6120-2DBA/ BFC6120-2DBAGConfiguration Table>>


With its most advanced technologies from Germany in the integral–frame girder-free body, pre-stressed tensioned metal sheets, double wishbone-arm independent front axle, air suspension and patented A-frame structure, the NORTH-NEOPLAN bus, a luxury type, is proud of its excellent safety and a lot of comfort.
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